Underwater Photography

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My underwater photography started a few years ago by accident, really. I had purchased a house with a pool in 2011 and by 2015 met and married my beautiful wife, Andrea. While we were dating she suggested I get a water proof case for my iPhone since I was usually on my phone while lounging in the pool! LOL! Good idea! So, after doing a little research, I ended up getting a Lifeproof case. Then, one hot summer day, we were enjoying the pool and thought I'd try out my new phone case underwater. I snapped a few shots of my wife as she swam around the pool and I was hooked!  

My Beautiful WifeMy Beautiful WifeMy first underwater "shoot" using my iPhone My Beautiful WifeMy Beautiful WifeUnderwater shoot with the iPhone

After that first iPhone "shoot" I knew I wanted to explore this underwater thing more. I bought an underwater housing for my DSLR camera and did some research on setting up my pool to get the desired effect I was looking for.

Underwater HousingUnderwater Housing BackdropBackdrop

So now I just needed to find models to pose underwater and not drown! Luckily, my wife had a friend who wanted to do a sexy Valentine's Day shoot for her husband. So, we talked her into doing an underwater shoot, even though she barely knew how to swim! All I kept thinking was, "PLEASE DON'T DROWN"! Despite her lack of swimming ability, I was able to get some of my most favorite images to date! Her husband loved the images too!

SwirlSwirlMy first official underwater shoot EntangledEntangledMy first official underwater shoot

My wife was also a willing model for my underwater experiment! But, she found out pretty quickly that it's not easy trying to pose underwater! First of all, it's difficult to try and stay underwater without floating up to the surface like a rocket! (we later learned how the professional underwater models do it, but still did't make it easier) Haha! Second of all, it's kind of hard to look normal underwater without looking like a Blowfish holding your breath! I also discovered how challenging this is when my wife and I decided to pose underwater for part of our wedding formals. Not easy at all! To this day I'm completely amazed how the professional models, and my wife, make it look so natural and easy!

DreadsDreadsMy beautiful wife posing underwater Dance with meDance with meMy wife and I attempting to model underwater  

Since then I've hired both professional and non-professional models for underwater shoots. Each one had their own unique style and I've been able to get great images from all of them. I even have two "regulars" I'm fortunate enough to work with every summer! Kaycee and Linnea are both professional dancers in the L.A. area. Kaycee had never modeled underwater before but was a complete natural from day one! She's such a creative person, I've never gotten a bad image from her! Linnea had been all over the world modeling underwater when she contacted me after viewing my Instagram. She has worked with some big time underwater photographers and has been on the cover of Playboy Magazine after working with the amazing photographer, Ed Freeman. I've been working with them for a few years now and never get a bad shot of them in the water! Because of their dancing background they're very good with movement and flow underwater. They're essentially dancing underwater. Being artistic doesn't hurt either! I love working with other creatives to produce something magical! 

Lady Linnea 10Lady Linnea 10 Flower Girl 3Flower Girl 3 The Dance 4The Dance 4

There's so much more I want to do with underwater photography! I'm so excited to see what my my models and myself will be creating in the future! Any creative ideas you have in mind? Let me know!!!

Far AwayFar Away DistantDistant



It’s so amazing to see how far you’ve come baby! I cannot wait to see more beautiful creations in the future!
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