Hello and welcome to my photography site! My name is Jason Cleghorn. I was born and raised in sunny Southern California. I married the love of my life in 2015. We spent our honeymoon in the Nevada desert at Burning Man! My wife, Andrea, is an amazing wedding photographer of over 30 years! When her clients want a second shooter, I’m what they get! We have 6 adult kids and step kids between us. 


I’ve always been a fan of fine art and photography but didn’t start getting serious about it until around 2007 when my two boys started racing mountain bikes. I bought myself an entry level DSLR camera, a Canon Rebel with kit lenses, and started shooting the races they were in. I started out just photographing my two boys racing their bikes down the hill, but it wasn’t long before I was taking photos of all the racers coming down the hill! I was having so much fun with the creative aspect of it. I was hooked! So, I started slowly upgrading my camera equipment (this stuff is EXPENSIVE!!!) and started a website to showcase and sell my race photos in 2009. Since then my work has appeared in magazines, publications and online within the bicycle industry. 


It was during this phase of my photography journey that I rediscovered my love for landscapes. Whenever possible I always tried to photograph a mountain bike rider in some kind of beautiful landscape scene. I wanted to tell a story with the picture. As the years went by, my focus shifted from bicycles to mostly landscapes, then underwater. I never did a lot of traveling until I met my wife. She’s from Boston, Massachusetts and she typically does a trip or two every year back there, usually to shoot a wedding. I started traveling to the east coast with her when we were dating. The New England area has some epic landscapes! It really opened my eyes to all the possibilities of this type of photography. It also motivated me to get out and explore my own area of California!


Then I discovered underwater photography! It was by accident, really. I had just gotten a new iPhone case that was water proof and decided to test it out in our pool. My wife started swimming around underwater and doing somersaults while I clicked away. The results were awesome! So, after a few more equipment upgrades (this photography stuff is REALLY getting expensive now!!!) I started shooting models underwater in the pool. The images I was getting after every shoot were blowing me away! Every model I’ve worked with has their own unique style when underwater, even my wife who’s more comfortable being behind the camera than in front! 


In 2022 we sold our house in California, bought a fifth wheel RV and are now traveling full time. We will be going all over the USA and Canada looking for beautiful scenery to photograph and art shows to sell my work. I’ll be posting all our adventures and show schedules on my blog, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and maybe a YouTube channel. I hope you enjoy my website. Please feel free to say hello here or on social media!